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  • Still here

    The internet is the meanest place ever. Everybody knows that. So being "still here" in online business after 18 years is by no means a matter of course. That is all the more true, if the project in question is open source, rather than a profit-oriented business. So let's celebrate, because TYPO3 is "still here" and more successful than ever before.

  • What is TYPO3?

    A short video explaining what TYPO3 is and why it is the right choice for you.

Этот функционал является частью расширения Bootstrap Package!

Пакет Bootstrap, это полностью настроенная тема сайта для TYPO3 на основе структуры Bootstrap CSS. Цель этого пакета демонстрация возможностей современных шаблонов в TYPO3 CMS и их совместная работа со сторонними расширениями.

Bootstrap Package на GitHub